Payment methods

Please read the “Payment Instructions” below (as part of our Terms of Service) to better understand the commitments we try to make, in order to respect and protect the interests of our customers. and bring customers the best products.


Currently, Lien Anh Foods does not have a direct payment method on the website, Lien Anh Foods provides customers with convenient payment methods as follows:

Option 1. Payment in cash on delivery (COD – delivery and collection).

Option 2. Payment by bank transfer through the bank account number provided by Lien Anh Foods after the two parties contact and agree on the Order.

Instructions for purchase and payment contact steps:

Step 1 – Select the item to buy at website, click the Register button. Select a contact form.

Step 2 – Customers leave contact information including Orderer’s full name, phone number, email and the form they want to buy support.

Step 3 – After pressing the Confirm button, Lien Anh Foods will actively contact you directly through the contact information you have registered.

Step 4 – After contacting and agreeing on the order (quantity, type, price, payment method, delivery time and location…). Lien Anh Foods will send the Order to the Customer to sign and stamp for confirmation.

Step 5 – Lien Anh Foods will prepare the goods and conduct delivery according to the agreement.

Step 6 – Lien Anh Foods will call the Customer to confirm delivery and finalize the order.

In case customers have any complaints related to payment, the attitude of customer service staff… Please reply immediately to Lien Anh Foods hotline for resolution: (028)-7308 9988