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Address: LA23, 29th street, An Phu ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Phone: (+84) 028 – 7308 9988

Hotline: (+84) 028 – 7308 9988

Fax: (+84) 028 – 7301 8866

Email: info@lienanhfoods.vn

Enterprise Registration Certificate: 0312472368. First issue date: 23/09/2013. Issued by: Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning & Investment. Who is responsible: Ms Tran Thi Thao Van.


1. Scope of application

1.1. Order and buy products on Lien Anh Foods website.

1.2. Goods applied and deployed at Website lienanhfoods.com.vn are goods and products in business registration that Lien Anh Foods is applying.

1.3. There is a need to buy products directly at the head office, sales points of Lien Anh Foods or have products delivered to locations in accordance with the Delivery Policy posted on the Website.

2. Set up and cancel orders on Lien Anh Foods website

2.1. Establishing a purchase and sale contract on Lien Anh Foods website

– Any information about the product presented on the Website lienanhfoods.com.vn in any case shall not be construed as an offer to enter into a contract by Lien Anh Foods to the Customer.

– Customers who register to contact on the Website will form an order (Order). Lien Anh Foods will contact customers to confirm order information through one of the following methods:

+ Via the email address that the Customer has registered with the content: product list, delivery deadline, contact phone, recipient information, order person, payment value …

+ Call the customer to confirm the order.

+ In the process of processing Customer’s Order, Lien Anh Foods reserves the right not to confirm part or all of the Order in a number of cases including but not limited to:

√ Lien Anh Foods cannot meet part or all of the transaction conditions in the Customer’s Order due to objective reasons, due to technical errors from the system.

2.2. Lien Anh Foods reserves the right to cancel a confirmed Order in the following cases:

– When Lien Anh Foods thinks that the Customer has the following signs:

+ Using loopholes, system errors, errors, mistakes leading to errors in Product information (including but not limited to price, delivery conditions, inventory status, characteristics, Types of Products, conditions and incentives attached to Products) during the transaction of Lien Anh Foods to buy goods in order to receive higher benefits than usual.

+ Violating the provisions of the Promotion Policy specified in Section 2.3 of these Terms and Conditions.

+ When Lien Anh Foods or the delivery staff of Lien Anh Foods cannot contact the Customer three (03) times or more within 30 minutes due to the subjective reason of the Customer from the time of contacting the delivery, row.

– When Force Majeure affecting the performance of an Order by Lien Anh Foods takes place and lasts more than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the start of the Force Majeure, Lien Anh Foods will by all means , make every effort to notify the Customer of this situation and suggest a time to execute a new Order. In case, the Customer does not agree with the proposal of Lien Anh Foods can actively cancel the Order or Lien Anh Foods will actively cancel.

–  Lien Anh Foods has grounds to determine that the Contract is invalid in accordance with the law.

In the event that a confirmed Order is partially or fully canceled, the amount paid by the Customer for the canceled Order will be refunded to the Customer in accordance with the Return Policy posted on Website.

2.3. In order to ensure the fairness and interests of Customers who are end consumers, Lien Anh Foods reserves the right to apply restrictive conditions in the implementation of promotional programs (“CTKM”), including but not limited to: limited to:

– Limit on the maximum number of Products in each promotion that a Customer can buy.

– Limits on the purpose of purchasing Products, whereby Products purchased in promotions are only used for consumption, cannot be traded, bought for resale, or transferred in any way.

– Other limits (if any) are specified in detail in each promotion. Restrictive conditions in the implementation of the following promotions are referred to as Promotional Policies.

Therefore, Lien Anh Foods reserves the right not to confirm, refuse or cancel or withdraw the delivered Products of the Orders in violation of any content of the Promotion Policy without notice to the Customer. For the sake of clarity, an Order that violates the Promotional Policy is an Order that is violated by one or a group of Customers who are in contact with each other, using one or more phone numbers or emails to order the applicable Products. CTKM. Lien Anh Foods will use its own tools to verify and in its sole discretion determine whether such Order is in violation of the Promotion Policy.

3. Price, VAT invoice and payment

3.1. The Price of the Product does NOT include value added tax. In all cases, the price of the Product does not include shipping charges. Shipping costs are specified in the Delivery Policy posted on the Website.

3.2. The Customer has the right to request an invoice and receive a valid financial invoice for the Order by contacting Lien Anh Foods via phone number or email of Lien Anh Foods. Customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate financial invoice information. The invoiced value is equal to the value of goods paid in cash and by bank transfer.

3.3. The Customer pays the value of the Order in accordance with the Delivery Policy, the Payment Policy posted on the Website before receiving the Products of that Order.

3.4. To ensure payment safety, Customer note.

– Only make payment when full and correct quantity of ordered products has been received.

– Carefully and accurately check the transfer information that Lien Anh Foods has provided to the Customer.

– Do not lend or use your card/bank account to make purchases at Lien Anh Foods. As soon as any abnormal transaction is detected at Lien Anh Foods, the Customer should immediately contact the Customer Care Center of Lien Anh Foods for timely handling.

4. Product delivery

4.1. The Products will be delivered to the Customer’s requested address in the Order at the time specified in the Delivery Policy posted on the Website or at the time the Customer requests to receive the goods, provided that this delivery time must be in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. in accordance with that Delivery Policy.

In case the Customer wants to change the consignee, the Customer must call the Customer Care switchboard to inform the name and contact phone number of the person designated by the Customer to receive the Products as well as the address to receive the Products. Products. The person designated by the Customer to receive the Products on the Order or by telephone as specified in this Article 4.1 is collectively referred to as the “Consignee”. Customers are not allowed to change the receiving address.

4.2. Regulations on inspection of Products upon receipt of goods are specified in the Delivery Policy posted on the Website.

Risk and title to the Products will pass to the Customer from the time the Consignee signs the invoice. The Customer needs to keep the order invoice for comparison or to resolve any problems that may arise related to the Products (if any).

5. Exchange and return products

The exchange and return of Products are made in accordance with the provisions of the Return Policy posted on the Website.

6. Preferential purchase discount

Regulations on preferential discounts when shopping at Website lienanhfoods.com.vn comply with the preferential policy of Lien Anh Foods Company from time to time.

7. Customer care and complaint handling

In case of any inquiries or complaints, including but not limited to the quality of goods/services, the delivery of the Products, the attitude of the delivery staff, the exchange/return of the Products, etc. You can contact the Customer Care Call Center. When contacted, the Customer must provide the Order number. Customer Care staff will receive and respond to Customers as soon as possible.

8. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Lien Anh Foods be liable for any damage/loss/damage suffered by the Customer after the time the risk is transferred from Lien Anh Foods to the Customer, unless due to fault caused by Lien Anh Foods.

9. General Terms

9.1. The provisions referred to in these Terms and Conditions are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other provision of the same content, the content of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

9.2. Lien Anh Foods and Customer when accessing and contacting to purchase goods on lienanhfoods.com.vn means agreeing to perform all obligations specified in these Terms and Conditions. Lien Anh Foods reserves the right to change, modify, add or omit any part of these Terms and Conditions, from time to time. The changes will take effect as soon as they are officially updated on the Website and without prior notice, when the Customer continues to make transaction contacts through Lien Anh Foods after changing the new Terms and Conditions. effective, means that the Customer accepts such changes. Once again, Lien Anh Foods notes: Customers please update regularly or re-read the Terms and Conditions carefully before contacting to buy products.

9.3 If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall prevail. And this Condition shall not be affected.

9.4. These Terms and Conditions and any issues arising in the contractual relationship between Lien Anh Foods and the Customer shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute, difference, claim arising out of/or relating to the content of these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved through good faith negotiation within thirty (30) days. If it cannot be resolved within this thirty (30) day period, the above dispute or complaint may be resolved at a competent court agency.


3.1. Delivery Policy:

Delivery within 4 hours: The delivery location is located in Thu Duc City.

Next day delivery: Pick up locations in all inner city districts of Ho Chi Minh City (Except for suburban districts of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Can Gio, Nha Be, Binh Chanh).

For orders placed and received within the day, orders must be placed before 16:00 daily. In case of order after 16:00, Lien Anh Foods will deliver the goods after one (1) day.

For orders placed in a province other than Ho Chi Minh City, Lien Anh Foods will actively contact the Customer and negotiate an appropriate delivery time.

In some objective cases, Lien Anh Foods may delay delivery due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, vehicle breakdown on the way of delivery, problems in the export process. goods, … and all notices to customers.

Other conditions:

Lien Anh Foods does not deliver more than 2 times when the customer arbitrarily changes the delivery location or cannot contact the customer when he arrives at the previously confirmed delivery location with the customer.

If the delivery address is not clear, is located in an alley, or in dangerous places, with difficult means of transportation, Lien Anh Foods has the right to refuse to transport, deliver and receive goods directly.

Lien Anh Foods has the right to refuse to serve delivery to customers when it feels that home delivery may endanger delivery staff.

In case of force majeure due to natural disasters, floods, etc., Lien Anh Foods is not responsible for compensation for damage arising from delivery on time or failure to deliver goods to the place as agreed with customers.

Please check the goods carefully before receiving the goods.

3.2. Return Policy:

   3.2.1. Terms and conditions of return:

For products you contact and buy at website lienanhfoods.com.vn, when checking the product with the delivery staff, if you encounter the following cases:

– The product packaging is damaged.

– Damaged by bacteria or insects.

– Damaged in transit.

– Product has expired.

The following return periods will apply:

1 DAY: For Orders with a delivery location at HCM City.

3 DAYS: For Orders with a delivery location at Mekong Delta, Central Vietnam.

5 DAYS: For Orders with a delivery location at Tonkin.

   3.2.2. Return process:

When the product you buy encounters an error (incorrect delivery, defective product, ..) please understand and immediately contact the hotline 028-73089988. Lien Anh Foods will quickly contact staff to confirm the error and return the product.

   3.2.3. In case the order has been paid and needs to be returned:

Lien Anh Foods will refund to you used to pay the bill within 24 hours (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

If after the above time limit, customers have not received the money, please contact the hotline 028-73089988 for support.


Currently, Lien Anh Foods does not have a direct payment method on the website, Lien Anh Foods provides customers with convenient payment methods as follows:

Option 1. Payment in cash on delivery (COD – delivery and collection).

Option 2. Payment by bank transfer through the bank account number provided by Lien Anh Foods after the two parties contact and agree on the Order.

Instructions for purchase and payment contact steps:

Step 1 – Select the item to buy at website lienanhfoods.com.vn, click the Register button. Select a contact form.

Step 2 – Customers leave contact information including Orderer’s full name, phone number, email and the form they want to buy support.

Step 3 – After pressing the Confirm button, Lien Anh Foods will actively contact you directly through the contact information you have registered.

Step 4 – After contacting and agreeing on the order (quantity, type, price, payment method, delivery time and location…). Lien Anh Foods will send the Order to the Customer to sign and stamp for confirmation.

Step 5 – Lien Anh Foods will prepare the goods and conduct delivery according to the agreement.

Step 6 – Lien Anh Foods will call the Customer to confirm delivery and finalize the order.